All I Want For Christmas Is A Cosy Bedroom

All I Want For Christmas Is A Cosy Bedroom

It really is the most wonderful time of the year - and snuggle season is in full swing! But Christmas can also be a stressful time too - presents to buy, people to see and places to be can leave you feeling frazzled. So it’s super important to create a cosy haven in your bedroom where you can retreat to and make sure you’re able to get a restful sleep amongst the Christmassy chaos.


Here’s Kayla from @reynoldsresidence top tips for creating a cosy bedroom to snuggle up in during those cold winter nights and have a great night’s sleep:

1. Maintain a neutral colour palette
A neutral space creates a relaxing feel so for Kayla, keeping the bedroom free from too many bright colours gives a sense of calm. She adds pops of colour as and when she needs to, depending on the season. The Arches Bed Linen is the perfect stone coloured neutral fabric that brings serene glamour to your bedroom.

2. Keep a clutter free bedroom
Kayla likes to keep her bedroom decor fairly fuss-free. At this time of the year, making sure it’s clear of Christmas clutter is key to it not feeling chaotic – nothing worse that having to move everything off the bed before you sleep! She likes to dress the bed with a few staple items like scatter cushions - the Jaipur Cushion in Silver is perfect for adding a touch of detail without being overly fussy.

3. Layer up for the cold

There’s nothing worse than being cold in bed; tossing and turning trying to get a good night’s sleep. Kayla likes to make the most of a throw - which not only serves as the perfect finishing touch when dressing the bed, but also adds an extra layer of warmth to keep you cosy. The Jaipur Throw in Silver does just the trick.

4. Make comfort a priority

By investing in your bed, you’ll be investing in the quality of your sleep. Make comfort a priority by considering a luxury mattress topper, a quality fitted sheet, a snuggly duvet and the right pillows for you.

Creating a cosy bedroom for winter is easy with Christy. Our range of luxury duvets, pillows and bed linen and accessories are designed with the perfect night’s sleep in mind so wake up feeling refreshed and ready to enjoy Christmas Day and stay snug all season long.