Considering we spend so much of our time in bed, you would think we would have the art of sleeping and the perfect duvet sorted. So why do so many complain about a bad night's sleep? Being too hot or cold doesn't help and that all comes down to your choice of duvet. At Christy, our duvets come in three different togs and two different fillings to suit your sleeping style. But how to choose the right duvet for you? Find out in our duvet guide!

Tog Rating

The tog rating relates to the warmth of your duvet. The higher the tog, the warmer the duvet. 

4.5 Tog 

Perfect for the warmer spring and summer months, a 4.5 tog duvet is our lightest option. This tog rating is sure to keep you cool as you sleep when the temperature increases outside. Shop now

10.5 Tog 

Our most popular duvet tog and the ideal rating to use at anytime of the year. A 10.5 tog is often considered an all-rounder and can be the ideal choice for all seasons. Shop now.

13.5 Tog

The highest tog we offer, the 13.5 is suited to the winter months. This duvet is a sure way to stay cosy on those cold and frosty nights. Shop now.


Duvet Filling 

Whether you prefer something natural or machine washable microfibre, we have the perfect option for you.


Natural duvets are long lasting, durable and breathable. We offer a feather and down combination filling which offers a balanced weight and great body temperature control. Due to the nature of this filling, this duvet cannot be washed.

Heavier duvet than synthetic

Good for retaining heat


Retains shape


Providing the same warmth as natural fillings, synthetic duvets are great if you suffer from allergies, as they can be washed to get rid of dust mites. Our microfibre duvets have a filling used to replace feather and down's lightweight feel, at an affordable price.

Good for allergy sufferers

Can be washed