Christy's classic SupremeHygro® towel range features cutting edge yarn technology, HygroCotton®. But what does it mean if a towel is crafted with HygroCotton®? And what are the benefits? HygroCotton® Towels are created by a unique proprietary spinning technology that produces yarn with a revolutionary hollow core. With this fantastic technology, HygroCotton® Towels are more absorbant, dry quicker and bloom to get softer and loftier wash after wash.

Brighten up your morning and start every day with a win by choosing HygroCotton®.


Benefits Of HygroCotton

The Benefits Of HygroCotton® 

Everything that you need in a towel. HygroCotton® Towels are more absorbent, dry you quicker and grow softer with every wash. 

HygroCotton Towels

Super Soft CottonHygro® Towels Keep On Giving

Crafted with unique, patented, hollow core technology for the most luxurious, soft towels that care for your skin.

Hygro Towels Get Fluffier

Towels That Get Softer and Loftier With Every Wash

A towel that blooms with every use, and loves you back. It is clear to see the difference after just 3 washes!


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